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Thinking about the future together. In view of climate change and the increasing scarcity and price of natural resources, the focus is increasingly shifting to improving resource efficiency in production. We can improve our resource efficiency by optimizing both the production process chains and the life cycle of our products. Not only individual components, but also entire process chains are becoming increasingly energy-efficient. We pay close attention to important standards and optimization processes with our partners. Keywords are here: Optimization of the use of materials, long-lasting life cycles of products and energy recovery in production processes.

In our productions, we consciously make use of diverse durable materials. It is important to us that our sustainable actions are reflected in our products and their fabrics. In doing so, we do not commit ourselves, but use a variety of natural materials that have a positive impact on the environment and society.



The compliance with social and ecological standards is an important concern for us. Our way of working and the selection of our suppliers, factories and service providers is shaped by this attitude. We support the principles of the UN Global Compact of the United Nations, which in our view provide the basis for a worldwide social and ecological working method. We have also committed our suppliers and partners to these principles in order to clearly differentiate ourselves from other competitors. We do not ourselves produce in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan or India, where we cannot guarantee and control minimum social standards, even though the cheapest prices are a great temptation.

Verticas GmbH was awarded the silver medal in 2021 in recognition of its CSR rating by EcoVadis.

  • since 2009 member of UN Global Compact
  • since 2009 member of Charta der Vielfalt
  • since 2020 member of EcoVadis
  • since 2020 member of Climate Partner




Prohibition of child labor – Salary, social benefits, working hours – free choice of employment – health and security – freedom of association – ban on discrimination – education

At no production stage it is allowed to revert to child labor. Our factories, suppliers and providers are strictly asked to follow the ILO Conventions to only employ men/women that have reached the legal working age. Salary and social benefits have to comply with basic principles concerning minimum wage, overtime and the legal social benefits. The working hours have to comply with the law. Forced labor is prohibited. We and our suppliers provide occupational safety and health management. The discrimination of employees is prohibited.



Environmental responsibility – environmentally friendly production – hazardous substances

Our factories, suppliers and providers have to act according to the precautionary principle. They should promote the development of environmental responsibility as well as environmental technologies. A Sedex certificate should be existent or should be aimed. In every production phase we guarantee a responsible handling with raw materials and natural resources. We use energy responsibly and try to eliminate accidents and negative environmental impacts. On top of that we focus on reducing our use of water and energy. 

We transport all national and international parcels and packages CO2-neutrally. Deutsche Post DHL Group offsets the greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport and logistics through climate protection projects, which means we also contribute to protecting the environment. In 2020, we offset a total of 2,696,83 kg CO2e through climate-neutral GoGreen products and services.



Anti-corruption – fair competition – security and quality – product safety

At all activities and work relationships we expect integrity. We prohibit every form of corruption, bribery, blackmailing and embezzlement. Every business activity needs to be within the competition law. Products and services need to fulfill quality and safety regulations that have beforehand been agreed in a contract. For quality control Verticas works closely with independent test laboratories like SGS Fresenius or LGA Bayern. The tests are based on norms like CE, EN 71 Part 1-8 or EN 62115.  

  • Electronics: Verticas GmbH is registered in the EAR = Elektroartikelregister (Verticas EAR Nr. DE 96497489) all products offered by Verticas have the ROHS standard
  • Cosmetics: No import. Production only with certified specialist in Europe
  • Food: No import. Production only with certified specialist in Europe
  • Textile: no use of AZO dyes (prohibited), strict adherence of formaldehyde limits, heavy metal analytics, wash tests (color fastness, shrinkage behavior



The climate change is on-going and the natural resources are limited – the economy needs to act more resource efficient.

We can influence the resource effectiveness as well as the production processes and the product life cycle. Processes are optimized and together with our partners we respect important standards.

Additionally Verticas draws its attention to the production of the textiles, promotion and merchandising products to secure that they are manufactured under good social and environmental conditions. By complying with the code of conduct we take responsibility for our products. On top of that we do safety tests. We trust the competences of our partners TÜV Rheinland, LGA Nürnberg, Prost & Partner and Fürth. Based on our customers’ requirements we have set our criteria on the “major-and-minor-mistakes” and the AQL Levels.

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