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Verticas donates 25.000 masks for the 25th company anniversary: Verticas donates masks to kids and teenagers

Verticas, a supplier of promotion products and merchandising supports a local institution EVIM and a primary school in the area by donating 25.000 masks, to prevent the spread of the corona virus. TheEVIM school at Geisberg and School Klarenthal have been successfully equipped.

 (Wiesbaden, November 2020) No party, no events, no celebration. The festivities of the Verticas anniversary had to be cancelled. The corona virus and the therefore needed restrictions had us re-plan almost everything. But before falling into grief, we decided to make others happy. With that being said, we donated 25.000 masks to the EVIM, as well as to a primary school in our area. Our motto 25 years – 25.000 masks.  

From the beginning of the pandemic, we rearranged and imported massive amounts of masks to Germany. The reason, a lot of customers had told us, that they were missing masks and were in deep need of them. Physiotherapists, doctors, hospitals and many other institutions were struggling to buy masks – especially from March to April. Our import helped to equip at least a couple of companies for a short period of time.

Since 25 years we have been importing individually produced products especially in China and have created a profitable network. The product "mask" are one of the more complicated products but we still managed to import and resell them in big amounts. From that moment on we have also been producing textile masks for various customers. Klaus Friedrich from EVIM says, that they are truly appreciating the donations because the students will be needing the masks to prevent the spreading of the virus.

It is essential that we help each other during this pandemic. For everyone that is interested in donating masks we offer the masks at a low price. Our minimum order quantity is 500 pcs.


(Picture: Verticas GmbH, Donation of the masks, Wiesbaden. Left: Carlos Müller EVIM Bildung (Prokurist), Middle: Klaus Friedrich, EVIM Jugendhilfe (Bereichsleiter), right: Steffen Weigand, Verticas GmbH (CEO))


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